Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas wrapped up

This was the first year the girls picked out their own dresses. They looked beautiful. Their dolls had matching dresses, but did not get included in the family pic. Oops.
"Santa" brought them bikes. It was a complete and terrific surprise!
Stockings are always the hit, and they love all the little treasures.
One of our favorite moments was when the girls gave us their gifts that they had shopped for by themselves. Olivia gave me makeup and Steph gave me a coffee mug. Steve got a football and some candy!
There was not a shortage of love wrapped in lovely packages....we are very blessed and taken care of.
And my nephew Conrad came over for a few is always a ton of laughs around here with he is posing in his "one-zee"...he hates it when I call it that!


Amy Gail said...

Conrad!!! The onesie is great; I wish Brent had one of those! I bet you are so happy that Aunt Jill put that on her blog. I know I am!

The picture of the four of you is really great. It has been so long since we've had a family picture and that makes me realize why I should make the effort to do it.

Anonymous said...