Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Centered. Pressed. Pulled.

What an amazing experience we all were a part of during our visit into Dillsboro, NC. I had the idea to go and ask the great, funny and talented guys at a local pottery shop for a favor. We visit the shop every time we are up in the area, the pieces are so beautiful and unique. Joe Frank and Travis are the owners and they were swayed by my charm, I am sure. They offered to do an individual pottery lesson for each of the kids, which they DO NOT usually do. It was one of those life memories.

It got me to thinking afterwards. I have sung the song about being the clay in the Potter's hands. I have read the verses even. But, this day I watched it happen. There were many necessary steps. First the clay MUST be centered, and it needs to be on a firm foundation. Next, while things were spinning, pressing must occur. Hard pressing. Then almost immediately, the pulling begins. But now it is more gentle. Water is dripped in, so things are more pliable. Stretching occurs. After the bottom is stable, pulling of a different kind occurs, and the shape changes. Squeezing must occur next. Yet, it is with a pressure only known to the Potter, does the shape take form and the uniqueness of that piece is made. I have personally felt the pressing, pulling, squeezing, and I can only hope that my Potter sees a piece of clay he wants to use.
This is inside the shop, it is just lovely.
Isn't this just like the Lord, gently guiding us with direction.
Some works of art.
Adding water to make it more pliable.
Gently guiding and instructing.
Thankful and oh so pleased.

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Janet said...

Love it girl! Beautiful metaphor and beautiful memories for you and your family! Of course, LOVE you too!!!