Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve

A tradition for Christmas eve is spending it with the Porvazniks. Time at the grandparents and with the uncles and Aunt Theresa. Then there is the opening up of "one" present and it usually being jammies. Yep, it happened again! Then we get our note written to Santa, and go outside and leave treats for the reindeers. Off to bed, but this year we were a little late because we were up playing our new game!
We loved the pretty presents and gifts from our favorite sewing teacher, Mrs. Russ.
Ms. Russ gave the girls a wonderful treat for Christmas Eve with their new matching jammies for themselves and their dolls. They are just so precious.
Grandma Porvaznik finished these coats and wanted to pose with the girls. If we lived up north we could get a lot more use of these, but her thoughtfulness and love in handmaking them is very appreciated.
Uncle Shmerl could not stand it any longer that we do not have my grandmother's piano here at the house yet...he is so concerned the girls are missing out. So, he got them this Casio keyboard to use and learn on. I hope they have some deep hidden talents when it comes to learning all the music theory.
And Grandpa and Grandma came through with the BIGGIE.....Wii!!!!!!!!!!! The girls were over whelmed and so excited! We hooked it up and they got to show the Gparents how things work. It was a perfect present and the time with family was super wonderful.


The Cannon Chronicles said...

Merry Christmas! I bet your girls are lovin' them some Wii!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if Grandma Porvaznik made the hats too. They are so original. Grandma Dee sure would like to see those patterns. I can't wait to hear their keyboard concert. Perhaps Uncle Schmerl can teach them bits of many songs that we can enjoy around campfires. The pictures do help hold those smiling faces and good memories of decorating their own Christmas cake.

Anonymous said...

Matrix Style red jackets! Awesome, they're now ready to take on Smith!