Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sniff sniff, aaachhhoooo!

And this is why I have not posted this week. I have been laying around (in my dreams) nursing this awful sinus end of the summer cold trying not to breathe on anyone I love. It about whipped me. The only saving grace was some easy dinners and lunches I had prepared for, short but complete lessons in school and a husband who covers and picks up the slack.

We are still knee deep in all these "projects" for Courtney and Carly. I feel like they are actual members of our family since a portion of each day is devoted just to them. Now people, they are just the dolls! They are not real. This week we have endeavored to sew some tu-tus and long skirts so they too can practice their dance moves. A dear friend, thank you Rachael, crocheted them (all four girls) caps and they are about as cute as can be...and Sunday at church Olivia had a great idea....she went to her Aunt Sam for help. This is what she said.

"Hey, Aunt Sam, when you are done with your Reunion cup today (aka communion cup) can you save it for me? It would make a great smoothie treat for my girl." Her mind is always working. Of course she got it. But, just in case, she had also approached her Dad with the same idea, so we are in abundance of "reunion" cups around here.

My last comment is my new obsession, thank you Netflix. HEROES. Yes, the show. And now that it is coming upon season 4, I am watching numerous episodes to get caught up and soon I might begin to speak Japanese. I cannot even fold laundry when I am watching, I might miss a subtitle. I found myself trying to figure out what superpower someone "might" have the other day....yes, I am addicted, and I have friends who are so glad.

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