Monday, September 21, 2009

Egpyt mania

This past Friday, we had another day of ACE. Ancient Civilizations Explorers followed life along the Nile River and pretended to be mummies. They feasted on foods grown in the area, wrote their names in hieroglyphics, and make clay pots. It was more fun than one should ever have when it is called school.
This of course was the last picture of the day, it will make sense later. Maybe. We did not recycle all of this, I know, we are bad very bad...but who would want to?
These were the special standing mummies, not in coffins and without masks...they were just common folks. All organs were still intact and there was not any salt used in the preserving of the bodies.
It was quite the process. No moving. At all.
They wanted to see what was going on so bad....even tongues were used to try and escape the wrappings.
Guess who moved? Guess who was the most fashionable mummy in the bunch? Guess who's paper came off first out of all the group. Yes, all answers are OLIVIA!

They played pass the mummy...aka Hot Potato. The funniest part was it was played to the tune of Walk like an Egyptian. Great one Ms. Light.
This looks like a room in the museum artifacts room. This air-dry clay was great in making the clay pots of old!
The younger ones make a crocodile out of an egg carton and oh it was so stinkin' cute. The older ones wrote a small story about living along the Nile, and the animals who lived there too.
Cutting takes such concentration!
Ms. Keen shared with the group all about the food of the region. They all were so attentive it was a great idea to take the time to recognize how their bread many times included grains of sand. YUCK!
Notice all the tie-dye shirts they are all wearing? Those were done at the last ACE meeting. They will turn some heads!


Janet said...

Love the post, girl! I enjoyed getting to work together, too. You got some great pics from the day! The kids all looked great in their shirts!

The Light's, party of 4 said...

Loved everything about it!! I can't wait for the next meeting. Thanks for taking all the pictures. You always are able to capture the moment for all of us.

The Cannon Chronicles said...

Love it!! How awesome!! The mummy were too cute!