Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September makes me...

EXCITED about Autumn. It is my favorite season and my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving happens. We are busy deep in the deserts of Egypt in school, counting syllables, dividing too many numbers, reacquainting ourselves with Robert McCloskey and gobbling up apples as I dream about a coolness in the air.

Each afternoon we have two old but young friends coming over to our house when the bus drops them off, and it is nice to share our day with Dylan and Tara. I once watched them both when Dylan was almost two and Tara was a newborn! Now he is 6 1/2 and she is 4 1/2. He feels right at home, many times checking out the frig if I am not quick enough with the afternoon snacks. They both love Mr. Steve, and everyday ask about playing the guitar. The girls are getting their first paychecks since they are helping out so much. Tithing, taxes, savings and spending has been a great lesson.

Today they bought the new Barbie movie and how funny is it that they are being so careful with it so it does not get scratched or lost. Ownership. Love it!

We had a great weekend celebrating Sept. birthdays with some other couples. We went to KOBE Japanese Steak house and used a great coupon...check it out if you are going. Then we headed to SAK Comedy Club in Orlando, which was a well spent $12.00. (Thanks Aunt Rhonda for watching the girls, they always feel right at home.) Make a date of it if you can, it is a blast. Funny people.

I am still searching for a great point and shoot camera, if you have any ideas please share them.

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