Wednesday, September 30, 2009

cool breeze and the little things

Can I hear an amen? Are the heavens overflowing with gratitude (just from the southern states alone) for this fall-like weather? Whew, we are in love with this small change in temps. My girls were so funny this morning, they were out playing in the yard before eight o'clock. They had to be asked to come in by ten...there was math to be done. It is the joy in the little things.

Another little thing, but huge to me was finding four lipsticks in the bargain bin that had been discontinued for a newer better kind....but me, I like the old kind. And it made my day! So it is the little things.

And then it is the four little things that are running through my house squealing with delight at the fun of the chase. It really cracks me up. It is kindof like screaming on a roller coaster makes it even more fun.

It is the little things like hearing your kid read with such inflection that you are amazed with her abilities...and how she so sweetly cares and teaches a younger one in ballet class so that she can move with confidence too. I love the little things.

And another little thing that is big enough to move a mountain, is my youngest praying each night "for the angels to draw their swords, to protect us and guard even our property... to stand in the night for us." She is growing up...but she is still one of my little things.


Janet said...

OOOOOOhhhh girl - I am loving Miss Olivia's prayer!!! How awesome is that?? Sounds like she is becoming very spiritually mature!! Pray on, girl!!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Now THAT is a prayer worth remembering! Precious...