Monday, September 7, 2009

Camper trumped by Hotel

The idea of going to Disney and staying in the Coronado Springs Resort was a BIG hit! We went with the Symonds family, as a last minute reservation since our camping plans were abandoned. Because our daily temps have not been out of the 90's for EVER, camping in the woods with no water nearby to play in did not seem like fun for any of us.
In this picture, you can see Emma's swollen right elbow that we think got sprained the night before on the playground.****UPDATE**** EMMA"S ELBOW IS BROKE, NOW IN A CAST!!!!!!!! She was a trooper and was tough enough to enjoy the rest of our stay and endure the pain. This huge ziggurat was part of the scene down at the pool. The kids loved climbing on it, and it was so fun that we had learned about them this past week at school. Apparently these stone pyramid type structures were built as temples by the Mayans as well as the Mesopotamians, 5,000 years ago.

Her acting skills just come screaming out when she is around her Dad. Besides this being a holiday weekend for Labor Day, we celebrated Steve's birthday too. I liked that this pose was her idea...if he would have had the video camera, we would have a film of it too!

This big head cracked me up! There was no beach, but we still got some sand.
We took advantage of the All You Can Eat shrimp feast and the girls got the treat of petting a live lobster. It made their night.
Like everything at Disney, beauty and the amenities were in abundance. We rubbed those nickles together and squeezed out all of the fun. We even went and visited the Wilderness Lodge and its pool because their water slide was a little different than the one at Coronado Springs resort.
With only a few channels in the rooms, most of them were advertisements of things to do while on the DW property. This did not seem to bother the girls they still were glued to the screen (because it was big and flat).
Such a great fun time. It really is a magical feel so special to be there and if you are careful, you don't have to empty your bank account. But be assured, those opportunities are there if you feel so inclined.


Jeanne said...

I've got to be a good mom and get Josie there before she no longer cares about a princess! :) Looks like you had some f-u-n!

The Light's, party of 4 said...

Looks like the change in plans were worth it. I'm glad you all did not have to sweat to death and get eat up by bugs Labor Day weekend. We also love Coronado Resort.We've been a couple of times to meet Jeff's cousin. I like the calmness of that resort.

lori said...

I think all of the disney resort or awesome. Last year we stayed at the cheap one and the pool there was the biggest I have ever seen. I would pick that over camping anyday..(Of course "I" would pick just about anything over camping

Stephanie said...

I want to go so bad I can hardly stand it. Please send me any deals you hear about!!!

Melissa said...

FUN! I have pictures of me sitting in that big head too...I thought it so funny!!