Monday, October 5, 2009

Friends and family

Friday we started all the fun with a day of school and wrapping up our study of Egypt. The kids had such a great time, they dressed up as Cleopatra or a pharaoh, painted their pots from last class, made pyramids out of sugar cubes, made a collage and ate hot dog mummies. We celebrated a friend birthday at the park at the end of the day and we came home with two extra kids. It is always fun to have friends spend the night.
Sugar cube pyramids
Saturday I went yard sale-ing and found a few treasures. New dessert cups and battleship. Hmm, that is a good math x and y axis game, mapping and drawing conclusions...always thinking, I am! The Metallica fans headed out about four, for the concert and us girls went to see Kay-kay gettin pretty for Homecoming. Then we headed home to do some cooking. My little chefs donned their garb, and we made these yummy key-lime layered desserts. They were tangy, but so good. And pretty too. Then they stayed up late to learn how to "build" lasagna. They were so funny and cute. I heard all kinds of things...this is just like playing with legos, you just keep making is kinda messy, but I bet everyone is gonna eat it up!....thanks mom, when I grow up I am gonna be the best cook, just like you.
And then came Sunday. The men had returned LATE from the concert, but family was coming over to celebrate Kaitie and her new addition, he is due in February. Plus, she is a new bride. SURPRISE! Uncle Todd came and was his charming self, even brought Spike. This was a pic in a moment of behaving.
And this was moments later, when the big brother wanted a peek at the plump belly. As you can see, my kids are being squished and pushed over the railing. Family!
This is Spike. He really likes to be indoors. I don't want animals indoors. He likes to chase the ball and jump in the pool, then come in for a rest. NEGATIVE. So, I was the bad guy. That is okay, I can wear that badge proudly. My brother called me a dog-hater. Am not!
Sister Sherri, getting a new pic for Facebook.
And Conrad who is sportin' his new shirt and still looks tired from spending the night outside "camping" on Friday. Long story. You will have to ask him or Steve. or Maria. and fun....friends and relatives. They can tire a girl out. Glad I have them.

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