Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Olivia

She is six. Oh, she is six. I had not even opened an eye to the world, and I hear a faint quiet whisper saying, "Mom, can I put on my new nails?" "Please?"

Of course, I knew when I was seeing the hours roll by last night without any concern for my sleeping, that I would greet this morning with less enthusiasm than I needed. Needless to say, with nails like this, how can one sleep?

Then I had the older sister so sweetly wondering since it is 8:01, "aren't we still taking Olivia to McDonald's for her birthday breakfast?"

The celebration began yesterday when Olivia and Maddie shared their party at the local park. It was an ice cream sundae fiesta! Bikes added into the mix made for a fun time...the rain began about 2.5 minutes before the entourage arrived. And it continued up until we were leaving and packing the cars...a little rain never hurt... unless it is muggy and a smoldering heat index of the high eighties. All discomfort ended when the wrapping paper started ripping. Both girls squealed with glee.

Any party is better with Cheetos, so that is the consensus in these parts.

Maddie asked for a llama....we opted for the stuffed version...she loved it!

Olivia is known by most as a girly girl who loves a good outfit, and some entertainment (like the new soundtrack to the Hannah Montana Movie)or a new DVD. Crafts of any kind added into the mix are like a cherry on top.

Today we will add a flew cartwheels, jumps and flips into the day with gymnastics, and then off for a birthday dinner with Daddy and presents from us.

We are so blessed to have this gift of our daughter. She lets me live my life with a greater smile, more love in my heart and a raised eyebrow. She has cheeks you just want to kiss, hair that is always brushed and fixed, feelings she wears on her sleeves, and a heart that is willing to please. I love her so.


Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday you absolutely breath-takingly beautiful girly girl! The party looks way too fun :) Cheetos, ummmmm! Thanks for thinking of my Jake and Josie! They loved the goodie bags and Josie slept in her tinkerbell nightie last night! :) Porvaznik's have such a huge place in the hearts of the MacDonald's!

The Cannon Chronicles said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! I am loving the nails!!!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Birthday greetings to that sweet girl! I guess the upside to the party was that it was in a covered area!


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe that her and Raleigh are so close. I was thinking she was much older. The party looked like fun. I agree with the Cheetos! They make everything better...

lori said...

Tell her happy birthday for me. Elissa saw her picture and asked "hey mom when can I see that girl again?"

Rachael said...

Love the nails! The kids seemed to enjoy the rain at the party!

The Light's, party of 4 said...

Oh, those nails just make Aunt Jen's heart pleased! I hope they last for a while so I can see the real deal.