Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrection Day

Pretty girls protected by strong arms of cousin Conrad.
Both girls got curly hairdos for the big day.

Mee-Maw showed up with 20,000 calories worth of chocolate. Stephanie had wanted one of these since Christmas. How long will it last around here...oh my goodness.

This lovely centerpiece was a work of art made by our family. It was a joint effort and so much fun. We used tissue paper and glue on the eggs and the lilies were made out of paper and pencils.
One quick little note about this special day was a little illustrated note I found of Stephanie's that described the events of Good Friday and the Resurrection Day.
" Once Jesus had died on the cross He was carried to a toom for three days. He laid in there and not one bird sang, not one. "Fear not!" said Jesus.
"But three days later the birds sang, the fish swam, and everyone danced, for Jesus was alive and had saved us from our sins." "Touch my hands, they have holes from the nails." said Jesus.


The Cannon Chronicles said...

Wow, Stephanie's got the story down pat. What a beautiful retelling of it. I love the curly hair. You girls are beautiful, inside and out!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Don't you just love hearing that sort of thing from your children? It makes me feel like I really am doing something right...and clearly you are!