Thursday, April 9, 2009

Life Lessons

Today we were all about learning life lessons.

First in doing some EGG-periments, we decided an oval egg would have been much more pleasant for a hen to lay that a square one. It also was a lot stronger as an oval too. It could hold the weight of the momma sitting on it for hours. We all took turns squeezing it, none of us could get it to crack even with all of our force. But apparently, Conrad is quite the muscle man-he broke them over and over. We are currently deciding what happens to an egg if it sits in vinegar for 24 hours. Hmm....

In the middle of a great day of school, I had this great idea of teaching a life lesson on practical jokes. There are ways to do it right and ways to do it wrong. Some of you know I have done it both ways....hence, the lesson. We got permisson to pull this one. School officals and parents chimed in.


Kay-Kay loved it! She got a kick out of it! We did not even have to wash her car afterwards.

The day was great, especially after we finished our bunny cake with leftover icing to taste.

We did have our first home meeting for the adoption, this afternoon, and it was very comfortable. After going through a three inch stack of papers, our name is into the system for making a match. Please continue to pray with us about this.


The bunny died today. In our driveway. There was high hopes of enjoying this tastey bit of sugar...but those hopes are gone. He fell to his death. But it was quick and painless.


Jeanne said...

What a super fun day! I'd sure like to eat me some of that bunny cake! Who's Conrad anyway? Does he belong to Kay-Kay? Ya'll are such good Peep-le :)

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Oh no! The poor cake!

Glad to hear your adoption meeting went well. I'll be praying over that situation. I can't think of a better people to adopt a child...