Sunday, January 4, 2009

days gone by

Getting the new year off right, I decided to clean out a few cabinets and tackle some closets, the latter is yet to be done, but hey it is only Jan. 4th. So, while I was cleaning, I found an old calendar I had made for Steve. It had pics of the girls from 2005 in it, and I became a pile of mush. Olivia loved it. She milked it. She crawled up in my lap and wanted to hear every story of her long five years. Stephanie just rolled her newly eight year old eyes and said "Mom! I not a baby, you have to let me grow up!" That of course made me even sadder, but funny how the story changed that night when it was time for bed. Hmmm...she wanted me then! Hah! So here are a few of the pics. They are just yummy!


lori said...

Awe they grow so fast

Jeanne said...

That is so needed for me to see! Those girls are my babies sizes! Where does it go, Jill? They look so babyish!
Thanks for the date night! My 2 loved you and your 2!!!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

My favorite is the one of them sleeping together. I have an almost identical photo of Nathan and Grace, and it just melts my heart everytime I see it!


Leslie said...

What great pictures. You can sure tell they love each other! Don't you miss the baby days?