Monday, January 26, 2009

Fever Marathon

We are on day six of sporadic fevering. Olivia has been a great patient, but does ask for the "princess tray" at moments of hunger, and has been given a bell to ring so we can hear her requests. She has had a number of bad hair days. And she has made a permanent indention of her body shape on my side of the bed. She is pitiful. It was nice having Dad do some of the nurse-duty this weekend...but my number is up again today. Stephanie is a help, running at times to see what is the next request. BUT, she is done. Her patience with her patient is gone. There is a reprieve on the comes in the form of...

WEBKINZ. Stephanie has had a one before, and she was diligent about caring for her online pet for about six months,but that account timed out. So, they both wanted to use some of their Christmas money on new Webkinz, after their doctor's appointments last week.
The visits were well visits not because of sickness. They both are growing right on target for their 90% curve that they have always been on.

They were so cute shopping. So, in between bouts of laying on the bed and watching another movie, Olivia is on the computer earning more dollars to spend on her virtual pet, Sandy. I am seeing a dark shadow over her future of saving money. She spends it as soon as it is earned. YIKES! Steph is a saver. She likes seeing that amount grow and grow and saves for big ticket items to spend on Marshmallow, the black lab.
Now for the big confession...I love playing some of those games. It cracks me up to earn them some money. And for the record...gaming on 3-D Logic doesn't earn anyone anything except a headache. But it is fun and beware.


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

LOL! I have spent hours earning money for Nathan and his pet Blackie! Who would have thought??


Jeanne said...

Poor Olivia and poor your family. This is craziness! When will the sickness end? Stephanie really is a wonderful big sister. Too bad her patience with her patient is no longer coming as easily :) I'll let you go so you can play some Webkinz.

lori said...

Oh we love the webkinz