Friday, November 28, 2008

Williamsburg Day 1

Williamsburg was a bit intimidating at first with all the houses, buildings, shops to see. We did get a tour guide that filled us in on much of history of that time period which I was thrilled about. He did not stay in colonial character, for he was known as the “whaz-up” man.

I was amazed at the buildings where famous men, like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and others, spoke, decided, argued, planned and governed our history. It was so great. The girls loved the people in character, whether it be the shoe maker, the tailor or a lady running a general store.

There was a three consecutive day play going on in the afternoons, called Revolutionary City, and it was really good, but a little high on comprehension levels. We saw the fife and drums, an indentured servant couple, people reciting the Declaration of Independence and a British man who was taken prisoner and jailed.

The most favorite part of the day was touring the Governor’s Palace. It was a massive impressive building that was burned down by the British and rebuilt because of Jefferson's drawn blueprint that was later found. The guide was absolutely perfect. She was quick talking, and so informed. The entry way was mind boggling. It was filled with more guns, swords and sabers than I have ever seen in one place. The rooms were beautiful and the d├ęcor was elegant. The dining hall was a bright green since the color helped with digestion and the dance hall was a bright blue and it made one just want to dance. The gardens were lovely as well.

We learned that a common cheering phrase is “Huzzah”, like hip, hip, hurray. So, we could be heard randomly hollering, “HUZZAH!” We even ate at a restaurant that evening called Huzzah! and we almost got kicked out for the ruckus those younguns were making during dinner. Fabulous!

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Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I went to Williamsburg when I was first married and it was amazing. Sounds like you guys really got into the spirit of the whole thing.