Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aunt Kaitie's in charge

Every now and then I get the chance to give my kids away. It is never for more than a day or two at a time!! I have convinced myself that the girls need love and correction from others besides me! HA! Double HA! when it comes to their Aunt Kaitie and correction! My sister loves to do all she can in the few short hours she has them to undo all boundaries and self-governing ideals I have tried to instill into my children. She is single (with a cute boyfriend). And very princess like. She is just sharing her way of life with them. Spoiled. But what is a few hours of candy, movies, ice cream, skating, swimming, fast food, Target, and basically the moon, when all one has to do is ask for it? That is her mission statement as an Aunt.

I am really not complaining, the girls love their time with her. Olivia especially thrives on her aunt's long blond hair, makeup, nails and cute car. She loves her big hairy dog too!

So thanks Kaitie. You are earning some serious tally marks in your column of life. Moving to Tenn. will probably delete all the tally marks, so consider that in your packing.

By the way Mee-maw, thanks for all the love and attention from you in all of this. You are not innocent either...don't be fooled, I know your ways. And we love all of them.


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

It's so much fun to be the aunt every once in a while. You have the luxury of overlooking a little bad behavior and indulging the kiddos far more than you ever would your own.


Melissa said...

Can I borrow her?