Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy belated halloween

Over a week late, but with lots of candy still hanging around, here is our belated halloween pictures. I am not hating life though since the girls are not badgering me constantly for another piece, they have a little and then are fine for the day.

My camera was left at our friends where we went for the evening of trick or treating. The girls ended up sleeping over since Steve and I had a youth lock-in (yes, the stay up all night and hang with teens,kind)and we did not want the girls to taste of that fun just yet. So thanks Mela for the great party and for taking care of my girls.

Olivia just could not decide this year what to be. The ideas ranged from a belly dancer to a cave girl, but she settled on a colonial girl when we walked into Cracker Barrel and she spied the beautiful purple gown costume. She was lovely.

Stephanie always had planned on being an indian. She was the cutest blond Native American I have ever seen. I loved her walking stick, her headdress and her purse. She is not one for wigs or makeup, she has a mind of her own.

So it seems by this lot of girls I have in my house that we are ready to jump into celebrating Thanksgiving with two girls who look like this. Turkeys better watch out!


Hannah said...

Your girls are just so cute! Maybe you should do a Thanksgiving card this year instead of a Christmas card, since they are so darn cute in their costumes!

I am so impressed that you and Steve went to the lock in! I know I went to my share as a teen, but I just don't know if I could do it now!(-; You are an amazing woman!
So do they still do the game at lock in's where you put your face in the bowl thinking there is something in there and get a face full of flour?? Bring back any memories?? I would love to find that picture...hmmmmmmmmm.

The Cannon Chronicles said...

Stephanie looks just like Steve in that last picture! A girl who knows what she wants, I love it! Olivia looks gorgeous in that purple gown! What beautiful girls you have!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Too cute! My solution to the candy problem, is to grab a smallish handful out of each bucket every morning and throw it away. The kids never even notice that the level is decreasing because they think they are eating all of it!


Stephanie said...

I would have picked that lovely dress at Cracker Barrel too! They look great.