Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ocali Days

What a great day the girls had with their Aunt Sam. Steve and I were in an all day class for our adoption process (which was great, by the way) and so the girls spent the day having fun with the Symonds. Of course, fun is relative to the situation. Uncle Aaron did not find the scattering of salt fun, but to kids, it was like confetti. And Emma did not find a stomach virus at all fun, she had to miss out on the day. Oh my!

The celebration of Ocali Days focuses on primitive times and early floridian history. The girls learned so much. They ground corn into flour. They watched laundry being done by hand. Arrowheads being carved. A blacksmith at work. Baskets being woven. Cannons being shot. A primitive campsite. Talking with a "live" Indian. It was a great day. They gave their Aunt Sam a workout in making their spending money stretchhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Michael Buble has nothing to do with this day, but I put it on the video, and this song "Everything" is just one I love.


Leslie said...

Looks like fun. I am sorry that Emma missed it. There is no better way to learn about history than to experience it first hand!

Anonymous said...

I bet the arrow heads were knapped and not carved ;o)

Luke said...

Good stuff (except for the virus bit).


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Ya'll do some of the coolest stuff!