Monday, November 17, 2008

Defining moment

I was in church yesterday and listened to a man speak about comfort zones, defining moments and obedience. It was a whirlwind of information. How glad I was that we stayed and took part. One of my friends had one during church yesterday. It was about seeking after God as her first love. The kind of love where you can't get enough. You have to be near Him. Your mind swims of thoughts of Him. Your stomach gets nervous just anticipating Him. You dream of Him. Consumed by Him. That is what and whom she seeks.

Chewing on it again this morning during our bible time, I was able to rehash some of it on a elementary level. It was a interesting conversation.

My girls see things in the perspective of "shynes" and "embarassment" when it comes to doing something they don't usually do, aka comfort zone. Like being the first one to speak to another kid they have never met. Like offering to unload groceries from a ladies cart because she is in a wheelchair. I love watching their comfort zones stretch. I beam with joy at seeing their confidence grow.

Defining moments. Does one resonate within you? Stephanie from a very young age has told me how the Lord speaks to her. I shutter to think of the blessing she has at recognizing the Lord's voice. She was healed in her early weeks of life from a immovable right arm. She had defining moments at seven.

And mine? Moving to Paraguay. Marrying Steve. Choosing adoption. Just to name a few.

I would love to hear some of yours.

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Stephanie said...

Love to you! I am so thankful for you and your words. I really wish you were doing the conference calls study with us.
The first one was Sunday night. I was overwhelmed with God's power as He has brought 20 amazing women together to grow and learn how to disciple others.
It was one of my biggest "God moments" to see His hand in such an incredible way.
So, even though I am going through some tough stuff, God is showing Himself STRONG to me.
Keep praying for healing but pray more that the gospel will go out loud and clear from my life.

Can't wait to hug YOUR neck in eternity.
Love to read your blog....