Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rainy days

"Girl spiders are prettier!"

Dezins by Stephanie

These summer afternoon showers have been faithful. Actually they are lasting most of the day. The spiders, bugs and grass are loving it. The kids are too, if they are permitted to swim in it, or play in it or splash in it. Stephanie just grins as if it is raining just for her.

Olivia has been practicing her screams when she sees a spider to see if her Knight comes running to save her. He does. So, when this golden orb weaver (banana spider) showed up outside, I wanted her to get used to it being around. She has done well. She loves it more that the girl spider is so pretty and the male is little and brown. What fun these days have for us.

Last night, Stephanie was hanging out with just me and she came in on the last 20 minutes of PROJECT RUNWAY. My love for reality TV is passing on...yikes. Anyway, she loved it. Thankfully there were only a few bleeps*** for bad words, and she did not ask. But with her love and lessons in sewing this summer, it rang her bell. She woke up this morning and started drawing. I loved how creative she was. She named the dresses, and made them all different. Some even had hats. What a fashionista.

My big news this week is my trip planned for a weekend fiesta in San Antonio, Texas. I am heading there for a girls-getaway and to meet a whole bunch of new friends. Only 21 days to go! I hope to get some incredible salsa and maybe a view of the Alamo.


Jeanne said...

I saw that scary spider at your house. Little did I know it was your pride and joy! :) Can't wait to go to Tex-As with ya! I'm a watch out! hee hee

lori said...

Can not wait for texas.... Like 18 days

Christina said...

Have a great trip to TX! I had to laugh about the fashion designs by your daughter. Brittany was just doing this last week and I was saving them for my Wordless Wednesday post! LOL