Tuesday, July 15, 2008

AG movie day

The whole crew that went to the movie!

Grammy Sue with the girls, popcorn, candy and soda!

Lunch at Fazolis (Italian food with white shirts! What were we thinking?)

Well the American Girl company outdid themselves on this one. The movie, Kit Kittredge, was a hit. All of us absolutely loved it. We were all high on sugar, soda and filled with popcorn, and we still could put in a valid vote. Olivia said," I did not like it. I LOVED IT!" We had ages ranging from 70's down to 5 in our group and we all found a place for this movie to resonate. We laughed at the incredible Joan Cusack, and cried over Julia Ormond, two great actresses. Take some time and a few ten's and go see it this summer.

Grammy Sue hit a homerun on this day for sure. Thanks for your love and kindness, it is a treasure. Elijah was the trooper, he was our only male comrade today. Good job boy!


Stephanie said...

Hey Jill-
Love visiting your blog too! The chalk board has been wonderful so far but it is kind of messy. We are going to frame it in with chair railing so hopefully that little ledge will catch the chalk.
You could get a big dry erase board and skip the mess.
I may have lots of homeschooling questions for you!

Prairie Rose said...

Hi, nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by my blog. I see we read almost all the same blogs, how fun. :) So what "Ingalls-ness" do you have in your home, I'm very interested to hear. :)