Tuesday, July 1, 2008

9th anniversary

We bascially had a anniversary week. Steve brought me home flowers and arrived when I had some friends over. He got some extra talley marks for that, since it is always better when you have witnesses. Then he even did the cutting and clipping to make them pretty in a vase.

Then blessings be to the local church who took the kids for the evening of VBS so we could go out for dinner. Since we live in such a progressive community, our choices were KFC, Wendy's or a few others, so we settled on Beef O'Brady's. Larry the Cable guy would have been proud of our patronage for hot wings and beer. We decided to forego the beer, and had a big ol coke.

A package(thanks Tonia and Neal) arrived at my door this past week and opening it, I found a beautifully wrapped box with a lovely card. Inside I found the most amazing, tastey, succulent, candy. It was chocolate caramels. I am not really a sweet kinda girl, so I did not tear right into them, but once I bit into the first one, I was a goner. I made myself share. It was only fair. It was Steve's anniversary too. By the way you can order some at www.avenuesweets.com

With candy stashed in the purse we headed out for the blockbuster hit "Kung Fu Panda" and had us some laughs, but the girls thought the best part was the five airheads they each consumed.

Finally with a car trip south to Steve's parents, we passed on his mother's buffet of sandwiches and Steve took me to my most favorite place to eat Thai food. We have made believers of our girls and a few friends that Osaka's sushi and food in Madeira Beach is incredible. A sunset swim in the Gulf was better than a spa treatment (well, not really, but it was great).

So, finally I want to thank my husband for a wonderful anniversary. Here is an short description of my man and an excerpt of his card. He is the best.

Thank you for being who you are. I love all of you. I accept all of you. I even like all of you. At times I like some parts of you more than others, but all in all you are like the best super big gulp cherry coke a girl could ask for.

When I think of how all this happened it does seem completely crazy to my mind. I also can say with fervor that I would lock any one of the young ladies in our life in the cellar if they had done what I had done with the modern technology world of the Internet. But God has a plan. I'm glad we ran into His.

So I fell in love with a complete nerd. A treky who crossed over into the world of Darth Vader. A Spielberg/Lucas mutated young Frankenstein who secretly wanted to be in the Allen family. An Ebert crossed with Carlin genetically altered humor. And a wannabe Milton Brady tester of games. Mixed in still is the deep rooted talent of Eddie and a little James. I am forever yours...all of you. Even if I have to put up with the Bubba.


Jeanne said...

Happy Anniversary Jill! Your girls seem to know good food when they're offered it (airheads)! The Airhead people quit making grape....it was a terrible decision on their part! :)

lori said...

Happy 9 blessed years to you both

Leslie said...

I always remember your anniversary because it was the first day that Bryan ever kissed me. After your wedding! What a great day..
A big ol' coke is so much better than beer! (in my opinion)

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and for spending the day! :) You just come on to Texas! We'll take you. :)