Thursday, July 24, 2008

four generations

Steve's grandmother(Myrtis), parents and aunts were able to come over and we celebrated some birthdays. We have not been able to see Grandmama for so long since she had been ill from a fall. But we were able to see her beautiful smile, hear some of her stories of old, taste the yummy ham and Publix cake she brought for the party.

Just watching her around her daughters made me smile. Steve's mom, Mickie, is her oldest and there were moments when all she could do was smile at her and kiss her too. I imagined how I would feel after seventy years of watching my child's life and the paths it had taken. I wondered if she felt like I do many a day that I just want my daughters so close to me that we are sharing the same air.

Did she look at Mickie and see the six year old who sold kittens at school? Did she see the young woman who was a fine nurse? The young mother of four who sacrificed whatever it took to give her kids a good life. Did Grandmama feel the pain of what she has lost in this lifetime, and yet swell with pride because of her diligence in raising such a great family. Will I still get to steal a few moments in my girl's lives when they are all grown like Myrtis did today?

It was a special day. Every day with Steve's side of the family is.


Leslie said...

It is so great to have wonderful in-laws. I am truely blessed as well. I have been thinking about my role in the boys life as they get older as well. It is exciting and sad at the same time...

ann said...

What a wise woman you are to see all that ahead of you!