Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Messy Mess

Photos have been removed because of a very concerned uncle. Thanks for sharing your love and concern.

For those of you who know Stephanie, this scene does not come as a surprise to you in the least. Her sister came in and told on her. I believe she was hoping to see some fire in my eyes just for some pure summer entertainment...but, to her surprise I just went and got my camera. These were the only two shots I could post.

All was washed off of her and the wall once she was done, and an hour of running the hose was added to our monthly bill, but what says summer like a good-ol-mud-pie-kind- of-day? Some women pay good money for having mud all over them, and it was free this day. Olivia and I passed on the treatment.

Yes, we have decided Laurie Berkner must have known Stephanie when she wrote the song "Messy Mess" or that is our name of the song, anyway. There is just something about messes that calls her name. Some days I just laugh, some days I have had enough. She is a delight and sensitive and has her moments of girly-girlness, but for the most part she is one with nature. Literally.


lori said...

Too funny!!! Doesn't blogging just relax us, what could have been a time out turns into a blog LOL, of course a good ole mud pie never warrants a time out.
Steph is too cool

The Cannon Chronicles said...

It's good to see a girl getting messy. These pictures remind me of the summers I shared with my sister at my grandparents house making mud pies!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! We're back in town so let me know when you guys want to get together. This weekend? Natalie