Thursday, July 3, 2008

A boy or a girl?

Yes, we are adding to our family. No, we are not pregnant. Yes, we would ask for your earnest and diligent prayers concerning this process of adoption that we are committing to.

Here is our story so far, and please know we will be keeping up with the process and news through this blog.

Steve and I (along with the girls) have been praying about this for quite some time. We decided earlier this year to begin the process, but did not know where to begin. So we began where we knew it would be best. On our knees. It was very interesting for me because I am usually the one to find a group of "cheerleaders" that are on my side and start charging full throttle towards the goal. But, this time, I was quieted. The Lord sealed my lips for a long time. I would go to speak about all of this and it would not come out. I could not tell anyone. This was for Steve and I. Alone.

So, then our paths crossed with an old college friend who worked with the Florida Baptist Children's Homes, and the email addresses were exchanged. Now, not only did my lips not work, neither did my fingers when I went to email her. Yikes. I guess if our Holy God can seal the mouths of hungry lions, so can He make it impossible for me to move before His time.

Months later, we were freed to share our story and desire throughout our family and friends, and with the agency who would be handling our case. God is so cool how He is directing our steps and readying the child that will become a part of all of our lives.

Now, if you have not noticed, there is a link on the side of the blog that reads "addition to our family". This is a link to a video that shows the larger family our new child is a part of. The Down Syndrome family. But, let me reassure you, Down Syndrome is what they have it is not what they are. We know it is a child who needs love, kindness, patience and a whole lot of fun. We need all of these too, so please be praying for our family.

We are so excited to see how God blesses our family. We encourage you to be a part of this ride with us.


The Cannon Chronicles said...

Wow! What amazing news! I can't think of a better family for a little one to be adopted into! We'll be praying it all goes smoothly!

Hannah said...

How wonderful! You are such an amazing family and I know this is going to be such a blessing. I am looking forward to hearing about the next steps! We will be praying for you all!

lori said...

I am beyond proud of you! I Love you guys and that sweet child is going to get the top dog for a mommie. YOU ROCK!

The Russ Family said...

That is wonderful news, Jill! How blessed that little girl or boy is going to be to be brought up in such a great home. That just gives me chills! :-)

Darren said...

Congratulations on the decision and best of luck with the process.

Jeanne said...

I'm just so glad to know you guys. I'm beaming because God has given this sweet gift to your family! What a treasure!

Patti said...

I am touched by your post and the link to the photos of the beautiful children. I alternated between chills and tears. I agree with the comments of others...your new addition will be truly blessed to be part of your family. You will all be blessed!

jotcr2 said...

Congratulations. I hope it goes really smoothly for you. Keep us updated on how it goes.

Christina said...

HI Jill. :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Congrats on the decision to adopt a child with Special Needs. It can be a tough journey but from personal experience is SO worth it and will make you a better person.

One thing I did notice though, you know cause I am picky LOL, is that you call it Down's Syndrome. In all actuality it is Down Syndrome. It is called Down after the man who named the syndrome. Over in the UK they still call it Down's SYndrome though. Just wanted to let you know that! :)

I am going to add you to my reader so that we can keep in touch :)