Friday, March 22, 2013

Ol' Towne

 Last month we went and used a Groupon I had bought for Ol' Towne in Orlando. I had bought it back in October, thinking we might use it on our winter break to celebrate Stephanie's birthday, but we didn't and then with the Busch Gardens tickets, we had to fit it in! Most of it was so cool. There was one end of the property that resembled a carnival, and a few blocks of shops that were trinket shops like what you might find along the beaches. The girls loved the ropes course. They were harnessed in and it was four stories high! It took a lot of guts to climb across the variety of ropes.  They also zip-lined across the park about 75 feet up in the cool!

 They both climbed the rock wall that was super high and tough! Steph made it to the top and rang the bell... her finers and legs were like noodles when she had finished.

 This ride, Super Shot, was crazy! Olivia said "NO WAY!" It took you about 200 feet up in the air and then all of a sudden it drops all the way down in about 1.5 seconds.... so scary... Stephanie loved it. I agree with Olivia. "NO WAY!"
They are so groovy!

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