Thursday, March 21, 2013

Food food and more food!

Food around here mean fun many days. If it is not for us, it is even more fun!
These cupcakes were made by our dear friend Krista. She makes them to sell and share!

 This was my favorite!
 Here is my "yellow chicken". We all love it so much. Basically it is a bunch of veggies, chicken and a concoction of spices I made up but with extra turmeric in it! We eat it over rice and with sour cream on top! EEEEyum!
 Afternoon snack for the girlies...they definitely love fruit!
 This is my valentines gift of a strawberry cake for my loves! 
 We cooked five meals for four families who were in need of some good home cooking. It was so much fun! Chicken pot pie, chicken noodle soup, quiche, chili, green beans, cornbread. We had fun delivering it too!

 Strawberries are in and we have eaten flats of them!
 My famous greek salad!
Most of the time we have this just as rice and beans for a budget meal, but we had some pork in this one! I guess no one is going to be concerned that my family will starve, and I love the gift of enjoying cooking so much. It would not be so great if I felt the daily burden of it!

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