Thursday, March 7, 2013

Food Truck

 We had watched the show The Great Food Truck Race this past season, and so it became a top to-do list for at a Food Truck! The day before we went to Tampa to pick up our friends from the airport, we saw this truck on the Today I made secret plans to get there early so we could take part! It was so cool! We passed on eating there because of their prices for not being sure if the girls would like it, but there was a close second on hand....they were more excited getting a treat from the vending machines! Yes, vending machines. They did not know how to even use the coins...I think I am going to blame it on home schooling!

This is what the weather was like the morning we were heading out to the beach! Yep. Freezing. This was the hardest freeze of the seaon. Our complete back yard and roof were iced over! Kinda cool!

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