Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Home schooling on the road

This is where we spent the past week living and home schooling. Yes, we are going to miss the turning of the seasons, and all the magnificent leaves as they turn their reds, yellows and oranges, but we got to enjoy the beginning of apple season. Since we were staying with the Russ family at the Smith house, I was able to plan a week of schooling that centered around apples. Yes, to some it was very primary...but we read some books, learned some facts and mostly had fun. The girls were blessed by a neighbor up the hill to have a morning of learning how to can apples. Another day we made an apple pie and shared it with friends and family. I would say it was a success.

An assortment of apples went into our sauce. Cortlands, delicious, granny smiths and a few others.

We peeled and cut up two huge bowls full. We ended up with many jars!!!

Keeping a watchful eye on the pot kept it from burning. It sure made the work load easier with so many hands!

At moments it was messy, but now they all know how to can !

Later in the week we all went to Barber's Orchard. It was the first time I had seen a tree full of apples.

They couldn't pick these... but they had to pose with them!

This is the way the Smoky Mountains looked as we were leaving... the morning fog had not lifted and it was dreamy like. We love it here and appreciate being able to visit. Steve's grandparents had a home for many years in Linville, NC...someday it would be great to have one too. A girl has to dream! I will forever be a Florida girl who is within miles of a beach, but those mountains have a pull all their own!

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