Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our visitor this week

Our nephew, Finn, stayed the week with us. His parents were on a cruise and he could not have missed them at all, because my two girls were there at his every beck and call. Literally. Whether it was for food, drink, toys, sleep, fun, diaper change or whatever...they took care of it. I really only helped out when he was misunderstood and frustrated. He was a complete joy. It was a special time to spend it with him!
His best sleep was when he bunked with Liv... Steph and I like our space when we are sleeping!!

He cheered Liv on one night at the ball field. Snacks from the concession helped with keeping him busy...his favorite was the Ring Pop!

Legos, cars and balls were the hit around here. I loved how he laid down on his tummy to play! My girls always sat to play...interesting!

He was fine in the pool, but he really preferred to chase the kitty around or to just run around outside! Mosquitoes love him though, so it was dangerous territory!

Aunt Katie and Uncle Paul found all kinds of goodies to reward all of us for our efforts, but Finn's love and attention was enough. He is welcome any time!

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