Thursday, September 22, 2011

Florida History Part 1

Our first stationed co-op of the year was on Florida Indians. We had four stations. At one of them the kids went outside to play a game that some of the Appalachee Indians played. We did not play it as fierce or with such endurance. Inside Ms. Debbie shared with the students some of the foods the Indians might have eaten. There was much represented that came from the land. I am not sure any of it was a great hit, but it was very educational.

At anther station they made weapons and jewelry with rocks and shells! Fun stuff!

Some kids went with the idea of "the more the better", "not less is more!"

The soffkee was really good when mixed with the deer meat stew!

We are sure the Calusa, Timucans, Tequestas, Tocobagans and even some of the unknown Indians have such great histories, and we have had such a great time learning about them!

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