Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Ball

Olivia is playing Fall Ball. This is a shorter season, only 12 games. She has surprised us all and is of course just good at it! She is as cute as can be in her uniform...and she always has her hair done! Some things are just a given.

Oh yes! She is a cutie!

This is warm up for the big game!

First time up to bat...we were all a little nervous. The pitching machine is sending it 40 mph, and all I could do is hope! First ball... SLAM...right past second...into outfield and she got a double! Then she got the first run of the season for her team! Oh you should have heard the screams of joy!

This was the first hit! Second game, she not only got a great hit, she made an RBI and got a run too! She is loving ball, but she has told us she is going to try cheer leading too someday!

Thanks for those who are coming out and supporting Olivia, she does appreciate it!

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