Friday, December 17, 2010

Thawed out!

It is a gorgeous day here in sunny Florida, and we just finished up a few days of bone chilling weather. But it seems the pretty lights of the Christmas tree, the sweet caroling of my girls always in the background of life and the abundance of lists to complete have made me really enjoy this season.

We had our Christmas party today with the home school group and it was so great. I know I mention how great our group is very frequently, but I am so very thankful! The kids made crafts and cookies to give away this year instead of the normal gift exchange. There was not one disappointed child. They loved making the placemats for the local soup kitchen, the cards for the local Hospice House and the ornaments for our nursing home down the road. The cookies were for neighbors or parents. We had a fun little feast at the end, and they all chowed down!

Last weekend we had a wonderful time at EPCOT! We used our free DISNEY, Give a day-get a day vouchers and it was great. The crowds were not too bad, and the weather was a little wet, but the stories from around the world were once again a favorite and we just love Soarin' and Test Track! It was a huge blessing to add to the celebration of the season.

Here is a post that left me thinking...if you have time read it.

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