Friday, December 3, 2010

Family Vacation Part 6

WARNING: All but one of these photos were borrowed from the Internet due to not being allowed a camera on our visit in the White House. BUT, all of the story in info is mine!
When we were planning our trip to Washington DC, I was blessed to have a great Representative, Ginny Brown-Waite and her office staff coordinate so much of our trip. Kate (staff) was the most helpful anytime I called her and needed help. So months out, we made plans to get tickets to go in the White House and see it ourselves. It ended up being more than we imagined. Getting there for a nine o'clock tour was no easy task...but we made it on time and without any of our "stuff" (cameras, phones, bags)! Everyone but Faith and I were cleared by the Secret Service, but the two of us were sent into the waiting area to try and get cleared a second time. It was a little scary, every thing I have ever done wrong crosses my mind...but finally we were cleared. There were only two tours that day, and once we finally got into the House, we were close to the last tour of the day. It was kinda nice, cause the Secret Service were very willing to talk and "share".
This pic is from the top of the Washington Monument.
See the green grass in front....something way cool happened right there!
See those windows in the Blue Room....something way cool happened there!
This is what happened while we were INSIDE the White House. Yes, the Chopper landed out on the green grass, right on three little marker plates so the grass would not get damaged! The super cool Marine dude came out and opened both doors and stood awaiting his Commander and Chief! While we stood gazing out the windows from inside, we were told that the pilot has a tendency to turn off the blades, cause President Obama tends to run a little late! HA! I found that funny! Soon we saw him leave the White House, walk across the yard and board the aircraft.
He went in the front door and shook hands with the pilots and took a seat. His cohorts went in the back door and put the headphones on and off it went. We were like little kids seeing a rock star. So, getting put into the time-out area and being at the end of the line had its advantages!
We were very impressed!
This is where we exited. The middle door under the hanging light. The windows above and to the left and right had the shades drawn. What the girls thought was so great and they got a kick out of was in the window, to the left and up, one of the Obama girls must have went in and stuck a gellie sticky window display of a butterfly in the window. We noticed it! It made it seem less ornate and more the home of the First Family.

To the right of this picture is a stage of lighting...and we wondered what it was for, but this week I have noticed on the morning news that this is where the news people stand and give their reports. It is not fenced off, so they probably don't have to have the clearance for every news story....and further to the right in the construction of the Executive Branch office building....I am sure there is some underground passage ways for these people to move back and forth with ease!
What a great day this was starting out to be.... next was Union Station and the Capitol!

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