Saturday, December 4, 2010

Family Vacation Part 7

The visit to the Capitol was great even though we were feeling the end of our time draw near. I loved how the kids were so aware of the importance of this building and what it represents. They were well versed on the Senate, the House of Representatives, the statue Freedom and even if no one else was impressed, I was. The visitors center is very impressive and grand. The movie we watched at the beginning was informative and reminded all of the viewers of our motto, "E pluribus unum" which means "From many, one" as a people and a nation.

Beneath us is the visitors center...we were all hungry and the smiles not so real.
Maddie lost her very first tooth in the Dining area of the Capitol. It was a fun memory!
The painting in the middle of the dome was magnificent.
The sky was turning...we had to book it home if we did not want to be drenched.
This security guard for the Capitol building was willing to take a picture with this crew, even if his buddies were harassing him in the background!
This is the House side of the building....I loved it that the kids knew it and reminded the adults.

The beauty was worth recording.
The keeper of the tickets!
The fall leaves were still out and added to the views! Another great day!

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