Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Family Vacation Part 4

Another day in Washington had us visit the Union Station. It was like a huge shopping mall. We were gawking like tourists and taking pictures to keep up with our reputation. It is another beautiful building.

We were surprised to find President Obama and the First Lady in the Station. We smiled!
Olivia has been a long time fan of Sarah Palin. She still wears the election shirt proudly, and we all like the show.
We went on the tour at the Bureau. It was so cool seeing all that money. So here is a tidbit of info...bills or notes are printed at the Bureau and coins are made at the Mint. Our posers did not disappoint.


The Light's, party of 4 said...

What wonderful memories you have all made. I D.C. is such a wonderful experience for everyone. It will change your life and your heart. Love all the great pics and can't wait to see more, hear their sweet voices to tell their side, and hear about all the "adult" laughters as well. You were with Brent, so I know there is something to be told. LOL

Janet said...

Love all four posts! I wanna pack my family up and go right now!