Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas cheer

So a funny thing happened yesterday, to some it is not so funny....but I chose to find the joy in it, and chuckle, because well, why not!

The kids were left in the car with a pile of presents in the rear area. The pile was covered with a tablecloth, tucked in good and snug....Sam and I headed into another store and did not even consider mentioning for them to STAY OUT! What were we thinking? Yes, we just went on our merry little way. After quickly getting another thing on the list, I arrive at the van to giggling girls. They were playing tricks on the lady who was roaming through the parking lot putting flyers on the car windows for the Chinese take-out! She would put it on the windshield but it would quickly disappear. I did not even see glimmers of guilt in their little eyes, but when Samantha came and opened up the rear....the evidence was a shining!

Confessions and tears began. One was innocent. Two were guilty. One was moderately guilty. The hardest part was how we as parents reacted. Because, I am here to say, I found it hard not to snoop as a kid. I did my fair share. I ruined a few surprises of my own. Life lessons. I shared my disappointment. But I had to make myself not crack up as my seven year old shared how she had not seen any presents. She had only seen a lamp! Oh, won't she be surprised on Christmas morning when she opens up a beautiful new lamp that goes with her new bedroom collection! She has NO idea! And she really thinks she did not see any presents! The other ones said they were just feeling for the wrapping!

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