Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It is beginning to feel a lot like Summer!

This week we are wrapping up some odds and ends for the school year. We finished a semester of Art and PE at a local park in Ocala and the kids had a blast. Stephanie was able to be a part of four field trips with the City Parks Program. Coach Dan was so great. They canoed, fished, hiked, swam, shot bow and arrows, make cast prints, and a bunch of other stuff. The ones who did not go learned all about Mario. I kid you not. They did. The younger bunch supported, and encouraged each other to the next levels. Olivia's confidence soared. It has even improved her reading. I'm not even kidding.
This project was done today at Trailer School. It is located in Oxford. The group from ages 6th grade to Kindergarten participated. They came home with nasty jiffy store feet and a poster of fun and a lapbook of sorts with all their learning. Kudos to Ms. Amy for being our "teacher of the year". No plaque, no money prize, just the satisfaction of a job well done.
Monday was spent doing not much more than this. It was memorial day and we shared some of our thoughts as a family and took time to enjoy each other. Stephanie and I were enjoying our books, Steve was working on the new and soon to be released, Myakkans2 movie. Be watching for it! Olivia seemed to be everywhere. We were pooped out after a busy weekend that included the Florida Homeschool convention, hanging out with the whole crew and having a fine steak cooked by Aaron Symonds. Life is good.

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Leslie said...

Looks like fun! Your girls are so beautiful. I love the pool shot with the books. I bet your girls just love you to pieces :)