Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A sheep story

Oh to be a little girl learning all the great stories of life....Olivia gave me a good laugh this weekend and I am still loving it even two days later. I can finally open my eyes more than a slit from the busyness of the weekend and tell you Kelley graduated. It was a great celebration. While Steve and I were at the four hour event enjoying the conversation amongst friends, the talk included the new information of THE DONUT KING in Minneola, FL...the girls were at First Baptist Church for a Friday night bash to kick off the summer.

Stephanie and Emma were transported back in time with their memories to last summer when they went to camp for the first time. Their leader, Nick aka RockStar, was there for the evening of fun. I wonder if Justin Beiber could have made such smiles come out! WhenUncle Aaron walked in to get them, he found all the girls down front at the end of the service...they had gotten saved "again"!

The funniest part was when Olivia was telling me about the service she painted a great word picture. It went like this.

" Mom, you know Jesus is like the shepherd who has 100 sheep. He has all of them together but only counts 99. He leaves the whole group to go and find the one. He found him and carried him back on his back." (I could picture the famous painting with the shepherd and the sheep draped across his shoulders...she must have too!)

I interrupted her then and commented how she is just like that one lost sheep. She is worth it too. Jesus loves us that much to come and find us.

"MOM! No, no, no...that is not what it is...he brought back the sheep to the whole group and they had a 'sheep party'!!! The shepherd was so happy to have them all back together."
I did not correct her, but I think it was so sweet how she mixed up the two stories about The Prodigal Son and The Lost Sheep. Mostly I am thrilled that she knows we are that important to the King of Kings.

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