Monday, June 21, 2010


I need a few minutes to share with you something that is amazing. It is Steve. Some of you might think you know him and agree that he is amazing. But, I get reminded every day how completely and incredibly amazing he is.

We are on the annual Youth Retreat with 41 other people this week in St. Augustine, and he without hesitating, gave up his Father's Day. We had taken him out for breakfast Saturday before leaving and gave him his goodies, and so Sunday seemed to be just another day. BUT, with him, things are not just ordinary. He is the most giving and patient person I know. He loves his girls in the most incredible way. He will stay up late playing, or go to bed early holding the hand of one who is scared. He will still carry his girls to bed and kneel to pray with and for them. Countless trips to the pool or the beach or the park are part of his playbook. He does not have boys to raise with the love of sports, but both of his girls will know the rules and regulations of the common sports and be able to partake in conversation with their future husbands and sit along side them to enjoy the game.

He is amazing. I mostly dreamed of marrying someone who would love their kids no matter what. Never leave them. Never be too busy. Always count them as special and irreplacable. To hold their hand,hug tightly, even carry them when needed. Stand in the gap for them and in their corner too. I got all of that when I married Steve eleven years ago this coming Saturday.


Janet said...

Great post, Jill! Loved reading about your sweet hubby and the relationship he shares with your girls. That's a priceless treasure, for sure!

Anonymous said...

He's also an amazing guitar player, movie critic, movie producer, & wii basketball player! No so good at break dancing or card shuffling though.