Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beach Camping!

We went to one of our favorite spots this past weekend to camp. Fort De Soto. It has amazing beaches and it is no wonder why it is voted one of the top beaches in the world. Two days was not enough, but the sun had baked a few of us so we did not go back for day three. The company was especially nice because we had Matt, Kay Kay and Marse with us.
We did the stingray shuffle all weekend, and there were no incidents!
Stephanie spent as much time in the water and diving for sanddollars as she did at the shore-digging. It makes her heart happy.
Olivia flitted from one thing to another...and she was a great motor for pushing me around on my great new floatie chair!
Those poor coquinas! It was hilarious watching some of them learn how to skimboard...Alma is pretty good, but her ankle is still getting over the weekend.
The eight movie/DS playin' culprets hanging out in my camper.
This is mah jong. Ancient Chinese secret! Actually, it is great fun.
And this is the view we had as we played our games, fished or just hung out. It was the Schott's site, but we might stay here some day!


Rachael said...

It looks like you guys had such a wonderful time! That beach look beautiful! I do enjoy your blog Jill!!

Janet said...

Looks like GREAT fun! Beautiful beach and sunset.