Friday, June 4, 2010

A non-enviromentalist's opinion

I call myself a non-environmentalist for a few reasons. I have always felt a stronger need for people needing saving rather than sea turtles or dolphins, although I really love dolphins and sea turtles. I do not litter and have raised two kids who feel the same way, but I don't compost or put out recycled materials and I love some people who do. I do not want to jump on a soap box of being someone I am not,

I am having a hard time with this whole BP oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. It saddens me and is making me be careful about judgements being passed against our authorities and government. My heart breaks for these families who have worked so hard to make ends meet and now they cannot even go fish.

What am I doing, you might ask? The only thing I can. Pray.

I grew up on the beaches of the Gulf. Vacation on the Gulf. Love the Gulf over any beach I have ever been to.

Mostly I wanted to post these pics so it was a part of our families' memories and to have a voice in my concern.
This is a beach a friend of mine spends lots of time is west of Panama City and absolutely gorgeous. The oil is miles from the shores.
This picture and the following are some I found online while I was researching some of this horrific ordeal.

This was the kindest picture I found where it involved animials. I saw dead birds, turtles and a porpoise dead and covered in oil.
Mangrove islands as well as the marsh lands of Louisanna.
This is the porpoise.
Not a great spin on taking a walk on the beach.

4 comments: said...

Very good blog.

Jeanne said...

It really does sadden me. Makes me sick to my stomach to look at those pictures! UGH!

Stephanie said...

it is a tragedy like I have never experienced in my life-time.
Maranatha, Jesus-
Love you, Jill!

The Light's, party of 4 said...

Had a chance to talk to some friends near Pensacola Beach. I've shed some tears this week over our beautiful Gulf. My favorite memories of my childhood are onthe Gulf. It breaks my heart and I pray.