Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tons of fun

To warm up, these crazy girls used the tubes to dress up like the Michelin man and roll down a small hill....A few times they made us flinch with concern...but it all ended in laughter.
They both have sisters, but share a lifetime of memories already. Great friends.
On our last day, the girls went tubing down the river in Cherokee. It was shallow and safe, with good places to get in and get out. They actually dodged some men who were trout fishing and their hooks, but a craw fish could not dodge this pack of girls who had a mission to take him out!
Looking Glass Falls, Pisgah National Forest. Stephanie and Alma swam up under this 200 ft. falling water. It was also about 65 degrees. It was so amazing.

On one of the days that Samantha and I got to stay and do some help with painting, cleaning and hanging out with Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Russ, Amy took the crew to Sheffield's mining. All the girls got a "loaded" bucket of dirt and started looking for treasures. They came home with bags full of pretty rocks and we got a lot of work done too. It was a special time to spend the day with these two great ladies, and we had plenty of laughs too!
Up in Cherokee, there is a BIG BOYS restaurant. It was right up there with national treasures, and some of the most scenic views we witnessed. We stopped so Samantha could run in and get her a burger to go....the best part was when the waitress asked her if she wanted it southern or the Ohio way....she about shouted..."the OHIO way!" It is compared to a Big Mac, but with tarter sauce instead of thousand island sauce. It was like reliving a memory for her.
This was back at the creek, where they were getting ready for the Jackson 5 rendition of ABC, Michael aka, Emma is missing due to her lack of clothing.
This is the Pisgah National Forest. It was one of the windiest roads I have ever driven. It was gorgeous. It lead us to the Cradle of Forestry, and to Looking Glass Falls. A day of absolute glory.

Down at the bottom of the road from the house on Goat Hill, Dirt Road or Fort Tatham campground, all locations are accurate, we went to play in the creek. I say we very loosely, since my feet were the only thing that actually went into the water. The dirt is very staining, so we let them go with very little clothing, so the pics are limited. They made mud piles that resembled an elephant visiting the area...minus the stink. They collected sooooo many rocks, because they were going to paint them later in the week.

Visiting the Cherokee Museum (well, the gift shop) resulted in everyone having pocket knives. Six girls all having "weapons". The best part was that Chloe wanted one because Olivia had one...and she said "that it wasn't fair since she was older (six months) and that she was going to go and eat a "five or one" (fiber one) bar and then go fart on Olivia, cause she had a pocket knife." They all got one and scrapped the bark off of a number of pieces of wood over the next week.
Our trip up to Sylva, North Carolina was one for the books. We had the most supportive husbands at home who stayed and worked so we could go play. They had some fun of their own and went back to their bachelor days with some of the meals they ate and hours they kept, but it was only a week.


Rachael said...

it looks like you guys had a blast! so glad you are all home safe and sound...
We played in the creek in Cherokee last year when we were there.. LOVE the Chloe comment! That made me laugh sooo hard!

Samantha said...

Love the post!! Too bad Michael Jackson wasn't in appropiate attire....thanks for including my kids on your was certainly a special week.

Jeanne said...

Oh Jill! I don't even know which picture to comment on! So many pictures so little space! I must say the mud shot had me laughing the hardest. Jake would definitely prefer the Michelin man pose....

The Cannon Chronicles said...

Five or one - cracking me up! It looks like ya'll had a blast! I hope my kids can get up there to play when they get a little older and can enjoy the mud like your girls did!

The Light's, party of 4 said...

Looks like the week had a lot of smiles and fun in it. Glad you all had a good time. I do love all the monkey poses.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Ya'll take the coolest trips! You should write a book entitled "Adventures for the American Family" and share all of your insight and great pictures! I love the one of the girls in the tree...classic.