Sunday, July 5, 2009

Extra day of fun

Thanks to the calendar, we had a long weekend to celebrate our nation's birthday. The girls were into a plan, and even had a check list written out to make sure we got all the fun done.

Friday we went down to see Steve's parents in St. Petersburg. It is always fun and I leave with at least one great story... and we usually get to go to our favorite Thai restaurant (Osaka in Madeira Beach) while we are down there. It was just great. Red curry is my dish of choice. We even had some hours of sun left so we changed into our suits and hit the beach. The waves were a little choppy, so it was a short visit. The best part was on the way home when we decided to sing every patriotic song known to us. It was great. But then to our surprise we came up on early fireworks as we drove north on I-75. The display was so great, cars were pulling over just to watch.

What a great little treasure to add to our weekend, especially since not five minutes before we had let the girls know we would not be seeing any of the BIG fireworks this year. HA!

Saturday was met with plans to go and see Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. We sure did laugh...I think I dreamed about Sid last night, even heard his accent. We did a little shopping and ended up at the Symonds for dinner, fun and fireworks. The Cannon crew ended up joining us, so it was extra fun. With great delight, the fireworks that we ended up seeing and the "boys" lit, were spectacular. I was amazed. Scared at times too. And it even hurt my budget just thinking about the dollars that were going up in smoke, and I did not buy any!

Today was church and it is always good to be with family. Steve and got settled to watch Wimbledon recorded on our DVR, silly me thinking it would make a great afternoon of fun with my honey....good gracious hours and hours later, hungry kids later, it finally ended. My heart was sad for Roddick, and I even had a tear when I saw his wife trying to hold it together for him. What a great weekend.


Jeanne said...

What a wonderful weekend! I'm so glad you guys got to see some big fireworks after all! I don't even know what red curry is....or Thai food for that matter. Shame on me! Take care of yourself and miss us!

The Cannon Chronicles said...

It was great spending the fourth with your family! I loved hearing the girls belt the national anthem! You should be so proud!

The Light's, party of 4 said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Too bad tomorrow is Monday, right? Miss you.

lori said...

sounds great

Jeanne said...

I forgot to comment on Ice Age. We bought the first one for Jakey & Josie. That boy was laughing out loud at so many parts. He loves Sid and Scrat. Josie just kept saying why don't I laugh hard like Jake? The physical humor had that boy rolling. I'm definitely taking them to see that one on the big screen!

Melissa said...

What a great weekend!