Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mercy Street Ministries

I have mentioned this incredible ministry that is in West Dallas before, but I feel like it needs repeating. They have some serious favor on them from our God and Savior.

Oh, if you have a few minutes or hours (you pick) you should grab a box of milk duds and a diet coke (that is for you Melissa) and sit down and read what is going on in this family and ministry.

I am just a fan folks, of Trey and Melissa and their ministry. I am inspired when I read about their constant and unselfish daily giving of whatever is needed. I read her blog and have many times been left a changed person because of the truth she speaks.

Today was special because a man of great honor and due respect visited there. Whatever your views are politically, be proud for Mercy Street Ministries.


Melissa said...

Love it!!! Thanks for the shout out and Same Kind of Different as Me is one of my all time favorites. Amazing story. Cried like a baby.

Jeanne said...

I went and read this post! How cool is that! :) I'm even going to have Joey read it! Miss you.