Monday, July 27, 2009

Ten hours of fun

It was a road trip to make the books...with a borrowed Garmin GPS, and six females in a packed van, a missed birthday celebration, and THE American Girl store awaiting us in Atlanta, we were mission minded but still stopped along I-75 to take a picture by the Georgia sign. Of course, we had too, it was Emma and Maddie's first time out of state.

We did not get to celebrate Grandma's birthday or Aunt Lee's or Aunt Dee Dee's at our annual July get-together, but we were represented by Steve and sent cute cards and a plant or two. The girls love their grandmother so much, she always takes the time to make a cake, plan a meal, or just pick up a little something special that makes her think of them. They are making requests for handmade doll clothes nowadays, and they always enjoy spending time with the family in Gainesville. We were sad to miss out on the party, but The American Girl store was a great plan.

The store is something like none other. Oh the dreams that filled their minds. After walking through the store, changing their minds a gazillion times, and stretching their $25.00, they settled on piercing their dolls ears, earrings, and glasses. They got some lessons on how to do hair and loved all the "stuff " in the store.

Stephanie told her Mee-maw on the phone while thanking her, "that even if she had a million dollars, she would not have enough to get all the things she wanted in the store." We both got a good laugh out of that one.

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