Friday, July 17, 2009

Alone in my house

Does this rarely occur???? Alone in my house??? YES! I almost wonder how I did this for so long before marrying Steve and having two sweet girls in just a short time. I do love my life.

It must seem to those of you who peek in on us at times that I must be so busy, I can only post once a week...well, it is really because our tales worth telling are in a little slump right now. Don't worry, I am sure it will pick up since I just sent my oldest off to her first OVERNIGHT CAMP!!!!! She is such a little adventurer, I am not sure where she gets it. She told us a number of times that she would be fine, AND she did not need us to visit on family night. She really put up with me over the week prior to her leaving with just my tidbits of advice... from not losing your drawers on the floor of the shower.... to not letting a bully pinch you.

How did I go away for a week of camp when I was her age?

She will only be gone for two nights. She is one of my greatest joys.

Between chores, finding old friends on facebook, and planning for our trip to North Carolina....oh yeah, it has been such a secret, I forgot to mention it!!!!!!!!!! It is a girls trip up to see our friends who are "summering" it, in NC. The Symonds girls are loading up and making the trip with will be loads of fun, I just hope I can survive a whole week without my defender of all, Steve. I hope the girls can make it without their Daddy. This is a first for sure.

Here are a few tips if you find yourself in the mullygrubs...and you are tired of mundane summer TV. Go see The Proposal. I love Sandra Bullock. I laughed OUT LOUD in this movie a number of times, in fact the women who sat in front of us said they enjoyed being roommates with us for the movie, because our laughter was contagious. If you have not made a digital scrapbook yet, upload those photos and get busy! I am working on my third. They are just great. Chicken kabobs are a great addition to any family's summer meals...marinate the meat in soy, use the grill, and there you go. Please baste them as they cook, it will be even better. Okay, those are my tips for now.


lori said...

I hope our babies are having a good time at camp!
I am going to try the scrapbook out

Rachael said...

Enjoy your trip! Tell Amy we said hi and miss them. Have a safe trip.

Jeanne said...

I know Amy will be so thrilled to see you girls! You're a brave soul heading off by yourself with no man in tow! Have a b-last!