Monday, March 2, 2009

New Addictions

Some of you might be confused when looking at this looks nothing like my friends and I...but oh you see, this is my about 20 years, maybe 30 if life is kind....but for now, it looks like this and we are a few years younger....this is a new game and a new addiction. Amy and I have got the "case" of mahjong the worst, so it seems, but we have some friends who are not far behind. We did let our husbands in on the game, it took some patience and time. Those two are quick though, so we might regret teaching them...they probably will kick our BUTTS!

Another new addiction is a bible study I am participating in over the phone. Yes, you heard is a conference call session. Last night about 30 women from all over the USA, from Alaska, Mass., California, to Florida called in. We were witnesses to an amazing woman who shared her story. These women are knock-your-socks off great. What a privilege to be a part of it. And so new 21st century too!

Unfortunately another one to add to the list is the Fresh Market grocery store. Friends, it is DY-NO-MITE! One can drop a nice pile of cash there, but your taste buds will be so thankful. I found these new dehydrated green beans and acorn squash that is a salty crispy snackaroni! I am not even kidding. They are so yummy! So is their shrimp and lobster spread. And they have pluots....I had never heard of them...have now!


The Cannon Chronicles said...

Looks like fun, loving that game! Have you broke down and bought a game of your own yet?

The Russ Family said...

Deardre mentioned the new obsession. :-) I'll have to try it sometime.

I love Fresh Market too. I allow myself one or two trips a month otherwise I'd be in trouble. Our favorites are the turkey burgers, bacon/cheddar burgers, all of the veggies and bourbon pecans. I could go on forver. The pecans are heavenly. Drew & Brad fight over them. Don't try the pot pie. That is the only thing we have purchased there that wasn't good. We were SOOO disappointed to get something bad from Fresh Market.

Hannah said...

I love that game! I played it for hours on end on my laptop while I was on bedrest this summer! Mom said up north all the Jewish ladies play it.(-:
Anyhow, I LOVE the Fresh Market, I just want to cook after I have been there! The rotessrie chicken salad from the deli is amazing! We treat ourself to that once in a while. Oh and I love the flowers! I could go on and on about it.
I also wanted to rejoice with you about Stephanie's report from the doc! I am sorry it is late to send my excitement, but I just don't get to sit down and comment on blogs as I would like to!
Thank you also for the enchalidas, they were amazing!(if there are a million spelling errors on this message, just know I don't spell and sleep would be nice!)LOL
Love you and take care!!! Call me if you need someone to play marhjog with!!

Jeanne said...

You do have some new addictions! I'm ready to learn some Mahjong! Bring it girl! Confrence callin BS?? Sounds like everybody thook their turn. No talking all at the same time? Fresh know me and food! Their candy section WAS pretty cool, though!

Stephanie said...

yipppee! you like the study!!!
I hope you are having fun in the woods somewhere with no phone reception!!