Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is one of the joys of having little girls, loving to dress up. Stephanie still loves to get into the costumes and put them on, and Olivia does too. Although, Olivia tends to love using her own clothes for her fashion debuts. She loves to accessorize. She notices curls, bumps, hairs out of place and mismatched colors. I think with her birthday coming next week, I am feeling the moments fleeting as she approaches six. She still has the drama, tears and emotion that I think we will be speaking of when she is twenty-five, but for now, as much as I am exasperated some days, she fills me up with joy.

This one just makes her feel beautiful. She is my pleasure.
Tonight, she was so proud that I approved of her outfit. Between you and me, I was dying. She had quite the get-up on. We went out in public like this. Head band and all. I am choosing my battles. I did see some smiles on other mothers faces, as they knew it was all great in the eyes of a little girl. I was so glad I did not burst her bubble of "the art of fashion".

Having some friends with boys, I see; but do not really know just how different life is with those little containers of testosterone. Some day maybe....we are still working on the adoption paperwork and homestudy, so continue to pray for us and for God's perfect timing.


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Love her independent sense of style! She'll be the girl in college that everyone goes to for fashion advice!!


The Cannon Chronicles said...

Those girls are super cute in their dress up! You are a good mama to let them express themselves in public!

Anonymous said...

I love Olivia's outfit! It's fab. She really does have great fashion sense!

Melissa said...

Our girls must have the same designer sense...mine just wish I would allow them to don their fashionista wardrobe in public...they're going to hate me when they are 12!

The Light's, party of 4 said...

Love it! She's got it going on, my friend. I wish I could have been with her at the store. She's rockin'. Just tell her Aunt Jen said she's stylin'.