Friday, March 20, 2009

2:00 a.m.!

I have seen more of this time on the clock this past week than ever in my life. Olivia has been getting hit with the strongest of her virus' strength at that time of the night. Every night this week it is 3 to 4 hours of dry heaves every thirty minutes. It's been a rough week. But an interesting one. As the week has progressed she has become quite verbal in her complaints and pain. Last night it was not as bad, and I had to hide my laughter a number of times, and finally got caught...oh, she was not happy. But this is some of the comments being wailed with such sencere dramatics.

-I just can't take it, I am not strong enough.
-Doesn't God hear me crying? Doesn't He see my tears?
-I know if it would just come, I would be better.
-It is just not fair that no one else in our family is sick.
-I am tired of walking with the shadow in the valley...(This one I almost lost it on...guess we will revisit that part of the Psalm)
-I just want to die, it would all be over. Well, I don't want to die, but it just hurts so bad.
-You just don't understand the pain.

She finally fell asleep again, and we survived another night.


The Cannon Chronicles said...

Her little comments are cracking me up, how did you keep a straight face? I can just see Caroline saying some of those one liners in a few years, she tends to have a flair for the dramatics too. I hope Olivia feels better soon so ya'll can catch up on your sleep!

Anonymous said...

I feel slightly ashamed to be laughing, but sweet Olivia is just too funny. She is the definition of drama queen. But, you know, I think some of those same things at times. At least she is honest and admits them.:) I just love ya'll. Tasha

lori said...

Well Tell her I am saying a prayer for full healing!!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

OK...I shouldn't be laughing either, but BBWWWAAWWHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Seriously, I hope she feels better soon...

Jeanne said...

If that little girl didn't just act on the outside what I feel on the inside sometimes. Man, you've got to love you some Olivia! As I'm typing her name, it's to the tune of the Nick show...Olivia....after the book that we all know and love! :)

Leslie said...

Poor baby :( She sounds like a twenty year old!

Angela said...

Oh, that is TOO cute. But sad, too. :)